I’m not sure if Home-Ownership is still the American Dream.
What do you think?

The American Dream means lots of things to lots of different people, but home-ownership has long been considered a crucial part of that dream.

But is that still the case?

Let’s see what people think of the American Dream today.

U.S. Homeownership Rate by Decade

Although US Home-ownership rates are slightly lower than in recent history, they are still much higher than they were in less recent history.

Importance of Home-ownership to the American Dream

70% of Americans who value achieving the American Dream think that Home-ownership is important to their dream.

Let's Drill Deeper

If we drill deeper, we see that 41% consider Home-ownership a Very Important part of achieving the American Dream.


Home-ownership isn't just a part of the American Dream, it is ranked highest.

70% of Americans consider it an important  part of the American Dream. In fact, 41% consider it very important.