Why do I need an agent when I can just as easily find the house online myself?

One of the services a realtor provides is help finding a home, but modern online search tools have given all of us better access to easy home searches.

So why even use an agent during your home search?

That’s a great question!

Percentage of Buyers who found their Home on the Internet

If we take a look at the chart above, we can see that each year a greater and greater percentage of home buyers found their home on the internet.

If that is the case, we’d expect the percentage of home buyers that used an agent to go down over the same time period.

But if we look at the chart below, we can see that this isn't the case at all.

Percentage of Buyers who Used an Agent

And why is this?

Home Buyers want Expert Advice from an Agent

And not just from Realtors.

Home Buyers want Expert Advice from a Mortgage Broker

And expert advice isn't the only reason to use an Agent when you are looking to buy a Home.


Despite the increased ease of searching for a home in comparison to the past, helping you find a home is only a small part of what a Real Estate Agent does.